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  • Haiku Entries – March 2009

    Posted on March 10th, 2009 Deer Park No comments

    My husband kneading dough
    I making chapattis on the gas stove
    The wind against the window
    Tshering Dolkar

    The long winding mountain road
    Wild white blossom trees in the forest
    Village women selling rice cakes
    Tshering Dolkar

    My mind longs for peace,
    I sit for a while,
    D’oh!!! emotions.
    Sherab Jamtsho

    In the midst of a humming market
    my coins drop
    tink, tink, tink…
    Kencho Namgyel

    I see this girl walking past
    and now I want her
    ha ha ha ha
    Kencho Namgyel

    When I was born
    I didn’t know I was born
    I didn’t know how I was born
    I didn’t know why I was born
    Now, should I believe I was not born then?
    But I still hear and see there is a death.
    Kinley Tenzin

    I feel so afraid
    to walk under the night sky
    yet, it seems to be my only friend
    Sonam Palden


    Plastic ballerina keychain
    In the midst of a Bhutanese village
    Pretty little thing
    Namgay Wangchuk

    Washing glasses,
    One’s rim slips under my fingers,
    A tune sounds.
    Namgay Wangchuk

    Mind can’t decide,
    Hands are shaking,
    Comfort in knowing.
    Namgay Wangchuk

    Shaved head,
    cold wind,
    When did it stop?
    Namgay Wangchuk

    rhododendrons with
    blossoms of startling colour
    one suddenly flies away
    Gwen Colman

    rising in darkest green
    up close the mountains are
    dry brown ground
    Gwen Colman

    a bunch of translators have arrived
    still arguing
    over sacred syllables
    Gwen Colman

    me complaining again of the cold
    one girl observes
    “Yes Madam, it is winter.”
    Gwen Colman

    My peach tree
    Has started flowering
    I will cook for my brother tonight
    Sonam Palden

    Piping hot rotis
    Straight off the burner
    Lands on my plate
    Sonam Palden


    A ray of light
    Glitters a dew drop
    Sparkles a diamond, alike
    Tashi TD

    Windows for eyes,
    Buds and blossoms for tears,
    The road, the only path to its heart,
    Namgay Wangchuk

    How can you be and not be,
    How can you see and not see,
    How can you live and not live,
    At the same time; Impossible.
    Namgay Wangchuk