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  • Haiku Entries – June 2009

    Posted on June 3rd, 2009 Deer Park No comments

    My room is filled with softness
    As i sit and watch
    My curtains drape the wind.

    Sonam Palden (Thimphu)dsc_3894

    A new life
    Plops out of a mother’s womb
    I think i felt my first breath!

    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)

    Endearing like a girl ripe in her nubility
    Fresh and tender like the smell of peach
    This is life for now

    Chimi Seldon (Thimphu)

    Chilly morning breeze
    Silent river
    A lonely soul finally home

    Chimi Seldon (Thimphu)

    My weary eyesdsc01231
    In the morning
    Mirror a passing reverie

    Sonam Palden (Thimphu)

    No sign of the cat and the kittens
    The night feels lonely
    Where can they be?

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    Smiles and small talk,
    Steel rods and saplings,
    Planting trees

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    The night’s silence
    My old faded walls
    Autumn never ends.

    Sonam Palden (Thimphu)

    The EU elections01220005
    extremists rear their heads.
    Will people never learn?

    Dave (Swansea, UK)

    The night still
    Soft scratch scratch sound
    Of a crawling spider

    Tshering Dolkar (Thimphu)

    From my window
    I saw the gushy muddy swollen water
    My heart stood still

    Tshering Dolkar ( Thimphu)

    Alone in a backstreet cafe
    The words appear even more poignant
    Was that a haiku?

    Shenphen Zangpo  (Thimphu)


    In between the two
    Is the story of our lives
    Who are we to choose?

    Jurmi Chhowing (Thimphu)

    He loves animals
    We were always at the zoo
    Someday, he’ll remember them

    Jurmi Chhowing (Thimphu)

    I don’t remember
    The last time I played marbles
    How is it you do?

    Jurmi Chhowing (Thimphu)

    Shameless leaves gyrate
    To the last note of winter wind
    An old oak tree cringes.

    Tashi Gyeltshen (Thimphu)

    Address yellowing
    On an unopened envelope
    Cold air whispering.

    Tashi Gyeltshen (Thimphu)

    Somewhere in the deep forest,
    A caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

    Tashi Gyeltshen (Thimphu)

    I am an unembraced hug,
    lost in a deserted street.

    Tashi Gyeltshen (Thimphu)

    On the edge of the table,
    a spider has spun its web,
    after all, there is room for another one.

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    Listening to mom chatting,
    there is a cremation.
    Smoke hangs in the air below.

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    I turned off the lights,
    my cat’s silhouette,
    cleaning itself

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    desert summer
    wider than the horizon

    Kay Kirby Dorji  (Baghdad, Iraq)