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  • Haiku Entries – November 2009

    Posted on November 1st, 2009 Sonam No comments
    Under the wane tubelight,
    The picture of the karmapa…
    Namgay Wangchuk ( Thimphu)

    Resonance of the word ‘Yobo’ in my ear,
    The word I keep hearing from people,
    A term for white skin in Benin
    Sherab Jamtsho ( Benin, West Africa)
    A look of curiousity,
    and then a shy smile,
    A little African village girl
    Sherab Jamtsho ( Benin, West Africa)
    An tiny image of a boat and boatsman,
    gets closer and closer,
    A ten year old boatsgirl
    Sherab Jamtsho ( Benin, West Africa)
    jason mraz and james morrison,
    laptop in front,
    Sangay family…
    Namgay Wangchuk ( Thimphu)
    Nephew watches cartoons,
    I sit with my elbows on my knees,
    Namgay Wangchuk ( Thimphu)
    Neatly arranged
    A little small,
    but all the while…home…
    Namgay Wangchuk ( Thimphu)
    A widescreen telecast,
    family in the pajero,
    the hills in phuentsholing
    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)
    Your teachings of wisdom
    Yours words of kindness
    I know i have merit
    Junu Chhetri ( Thimphu)
    I croaked
    They listened…
    He made the moment special


    Tshering Dorji (Thimphu)

    Stepping out in the night
    Glowing crescent moon…
    As though, you were waiting for me.

    Sonam Palden (Den Haag, Netherlands)

    Warm afternoon sun
    Tired meeting is dozing off
    Ana Sonam’s strong coffee!
    Karma CW (Thimphu)

    Happy beer with happier friends
    Laughing late into the night
    A call from my wife!

    Karma CW (Thimphu)

    Singing and walking
    A calendar on the wall
    The Medicine buddha
    Namgay Wangchuk ( Thimphu)

    Everytime i walk
    Pine leaves fall….
    Bringing me calm

    Namgay Wangchuk  (Thimphu)

    Weekend at home
    Father and son
    Raking leaves next door

    Sonam Palden (Den Haag, Netherlands)

    My friend’s screechy voice
    I hear her long after
    Sitting in my room

    Sonam Palden (Den Haag, Netherlands)

    Loud flapping sound
    Felt sorry for a bird struggling
    Sellotape it was

    Tshering Dorji  (Thimphu)


    Leaves falling…
    In the evening light

    Karma Tshering (Thimphu)

    Misty morning
    Now and then a breeze
    moving the trees

    Sonam Palden (Den Haag, Netherlands)