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  • Haiku Entries – August 2012

    Posted on August 4th, 2012 Sonam No comments
    Birds chirping
    a friend snoring
    wide awake
    Tshering Dorji(Thimphu)
    Under the moonlight
    arriving at my parent’s house
    a scattering of fallen peaches
    Sonam Palden(Paro)
    Head in stupor
    heart in elation
    turning the steering wheel
    Dorji Penjor(Thimphu)
    Women’s lowered voices
    by the onion patch
    turquoise blue in the evening sky
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Stars are dying
    mountains, growing
    and cicadas annoy
    Dorji Penjor(Thimphu)
    Outdoor light, falls
    on the newly stacked
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Reeds by the puddle
    reminiscent of
    a city, once visited
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    White cotton clouds
    turn to dark ragged shrouds
    dusk approaches swiftly
    Dorji Penjor(Thimphu)
    Solitary sound
    a glass table being cleaned
    waitress’s face, suddenly apparent
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    A rat?
    no, just a shadow
    putting back the lid on a container
    Namgay Wangchuk(Thimphu)
    A wild pigeon
    mother’s garden
    Namgay Wangchuk(Thimphu)
    She came back from work
    dropped her bag
    and dissapeared
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Cooling off the heat
    in the balcony
    voices in the breeze
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Dust falling quietly
    in the projector light
    all the confusion, setting it up
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    shelling garlic
    she blows the skins away
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Plants wilted
    people, energyless
    it’s Monday!
    Junu Chhetri(Ambient Cafe,Thimphu)