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  • Haiku Entries – September 2012

    Posted on September 8th, 2012 Sonam No comments


    The sun’s
    ragged features
    on a homeless face
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Wait for page to load
    internet is slow
    screen blank, like my face
    Dorji Penjor(Thimphu)
    Butcher busy on the phone
    hungry stray dog
    Junu Chhetri(Ambient Cafe,Thimphu)
    The song, soothing
    reminds  me of
    the ocean, deep blue
    Junu Chhetri(Ambient Cafe,Thimphu)
    Three men
    planning a vacation
    official trip!
    Junu Chhetri(Ambent Cafe,Thimphu)
    Chanting for well being
    of all sentient beings
    only verbally!
    Junu Chhetri(Ambient Cafe,Thimphu)
    Forgotten camera battery
    charging,..shadow on the wall
    long gone
    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)
    Lone garbage scavenger
    walks in silence
    but his dog seems loyal
    Sonam Palden (Thimphu)
    Birds chirping
    a friend snoring
    wide awake
    Tshering Dorji(Thimphu)
    Under the moonlight
    arriving at my parent’s house
    a scattering of fallen peaches
    Sonam Palden(Paro)