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  • Haiku Entries – November 2012

    Posted on November 10th, 2012 Sonam No comments

    Finally, I sigh….

    leaves of a willow

    in an unknown wind

    Sonam Paldeni(Thimphu)

    Night falls

    fire burns brighter

    silhouetting construction workers

    Sonam Paldeni(Thimphu)

    Talking to my niece

    her face suddenly seems different

    she has grown

    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)

    Sun going down

    just enough light

    sparkling her freshly washed hair

    Sonam Paldeni(Thimphu)

    Rumbling sound outside

    crowds rush to see the sky

    plane finally arrives

    Geeti Yaganegi(Gelephu)

    Mirage in the heat

    pools of water after rain

    a mina takes a bath

    Geeti Yaganegi( Gelephu)

    The leaves are falling

    its dark and getting darker


    Geeti Yaganegi( Gelephu)

    New blankets for winter?

    a bag too many

    for a man waiting by the road

    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)

    A child’s fetish for sweets

    my niece at the store

    remembering myself at that age

    Sonam Palden(Thimphu)