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  • Haiku Entries – June 2013

    Posted on June 16th, 2013 Sonam No comments

    smooth as silk

    purple pollen dust

    butterfly flutters

    geeti yaganegi(gelephu)

    tree with purple flowers

    butterflies dusting wings

    bumble bee arrives

    geeti yaganegi(gelephu)

    sun battling clouds

    rays against

    red robes

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    the smiles

    of innocent children

    warms my morning tea

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    even if she sorts letters all day

    not less of a Rani

    emerging from the ancient building

    sonam palden (kolkatta)

    the kolkatta of my dreams?

    a lone silhouette

    distinctive, in the muted glow of the night

    sonam palden(kolkatta)

    faces under the lamp light

    night gatherers

    at a tea stall

    sonam palden (kolkatta)