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  • Haiku Entries – September 2013

    Posted on September 3rd, 2013 Sonam No comments

    even the sound of rain

    has grown old

    this cool autumn night

    sonam palden (thimphu)

    her face

    under the moonlit night

     like a dream

    sonam palden (paro)

    the sun, the breeze

    the fullness

    of autumn fields

    sonam palden (paro)

    taking in a cool breeze

    cool remnants of all

    that have passed

    namgay wangchuk (thimphu)

    a sweet aroma surrounds

    the eyes of children

    at the sight of icecream

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    from a window

    the rays of the sun

    glides down the valley

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    aged hands

    work with stone

    torn clothes keep him warm

    dorji tashi (thimphu)