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  • Haiku Entries – August 2014

    Posted on August 1st, 2014 Sonam No comments

    peaceful faces

    in the shade

     wise old trees

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    damp jaigoan alley

    three wet slippers

    simultaneously squeak

    dorji penjor

    white paint

    fill the blue sky

    wandering clouds

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    sweet aroma

    wet earth

    after the rain

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    whole night

    the rain falls

    like drum beats

    dorji tashi (thimphu)

    entering the gate

    in the warm sunshine

    dandelions are everywhere

    sonam palden (paro)

    not a woman of words

    she greets with flowers

    carefully arranging them in a vase

    sonam palden (paro)

    her eyes , so curious

    meets mine

    also curious!

    sonam palden (thimphu)