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  • Haiku Entries – September 2015

    Posted on August 26th, 2015 Sonam No comments

    The breeze guides

    dancing leaves

    of the big oak tree

    dorji tashi (Thimphu)

    dazzling my eyes

    the moon light shines

    from the silver lake

    dorji tashi(thimphu)

    With much delight

    my dog greets me

    for she has waited this long

    dorji tashi (Thimphu)

    Picking tomatoes

    in the garden

    the smell of green tomatoes

    sonam palden(paro)

    Ornamenting her head scarf

    the season’s first

    harvest grains!

    Sonam palden (paro)

    A jewelery woman

    all the way from leh

    carrying a box full of sparkles

    sonam palden (Thimphu)

    He owns the night

    the guard in the hallway

    in railing shadows

    sonam palden(Thimphu)

    Sound of the garden hoe

    swinging corn

    and sunflowers

    sonam palden(Thimphu)

    it can happen here or there

    sun and rain together

    a rainbow is formed

    geeti yaganegi (gelephu)

    flashes of light and sound

    the clouds have gathered again

    sun shines through it all

    geeti yaganegi (gelephu)

    grass has over grown

    plenty of rain and sunshine

    makes the forest thrive

    geeti yaganegi (gelephu)

    the house looks haunted

    asleep during the day time

    karoake during the night

    geeti yaganegi (gelephu)

    dark and constant sound

    the cricket sings at night

    lasts till the sun rises

    geeti yaganegi (gelephu)

    walking the street at night

    danger lurking in the alleys

    courageous helper

    geeti yaganegi (gelephu)