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  • Haiku Entries – April 2009

    Posted on April 2nd, 2009 Sonam No comments

    My father walks towards his room,
    Its night and he nearly switches off the lights,
    In the living room, he turns and smiles at me.

    Namgay Wangchuk

    The wind,
    Making the leaves of the trees,
    Sound like the waves of the ocean.

    Namgay Wangchuk

    Why do trees strech and grow?
    Do they grow inside or outside reality?
    They seem to be searching for something.

    Namgay  Wangchuk

    A meandering river weaves forward
    An unconscious thirst bubbles
    I lie restless on the banks
    Blind to the flowing stream

    Phuntsok Rabten

    Behind the distant mountains
    The white fluffy clouds appearing hopeful
    While the hamlet at rest

    Tshering Dolkar (Thimphu)

    Shyly peeping out
    From among the lush green leaves
    My pretty purple self

    Tshering Dolkar (Thimphu)

    Two pretty flowers
    Having found each other once again
    In new Spring

    Tshering Dolkar (Thimphu)

    The pretty flowers call out to all
    Into the world of spring

    Tshering Dolkar (Thimphu)

    The lofty trees
    Dressed in rich greenery
    Hiding the concrete

    Tshering Dolkar (Thimphu)

    The night is abuzz
    Bustling traffic and scurrying feet
    A bevy of fireflies dance gracefully under incandescent light.

    Sonam Palden (Kathmandu)

    Many different people walk by
    In so many different colours
    One is strikingly transparent.

    Sonam Palden (Kathmandu)

    om-mani-padme-hum I see spring flowers in blossom
    As I greet my friends
    There’s a smile in my heart

    Kunzang Lhamu (Thimphu)




    Threng! threng! threng!
    The loud sound of rainfall on the metal roof
    People mindful of the Mantra

    Tshering Dolka (Thimphu)


    Dark cloudy sky
    One single star through a clearing
    A Buddha in the sky

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    What will they do?
    Ah, just more of the same

    Dave (Swansea, UK)


    You always catch me
    Falling flowers
    The most thing I adore

    Sarina Yeh (Taipei)

    I pay a price to be free
    To be far away
    And to be back

    Sarina Yeh (Taipei)

    Finally we say goodbye
    no regret                                                                                                                                           flying1
    some tears with smiles

    Sarina Yeh (Taipei)


    Pretty, pink, silent phone,
    Prettier expectant,
    What a waste! Preoccupied caller

    Yachna Gurung (Thimphu)

    We walk in silence
    No words
    and even no trace

    Sarina Yeh (Taipei)


    Day by day
    I look at the same sky
    But something always different

    Sarina Yeh (Taipei)


    These haikus, too beautiful
    says some in Australia far off
    concrete desert

    Shakti (Kyogle, Australia)

    Shaved head,
    Cold wind,
    When did it stop?

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    Empty page,
    Mind stopped,
    What to do

    Namgay Wangchuk (Thimphu)

    A warm and cold Sunday afternoon
    I join a tea party
    People grabbing wisdom credentials
    donning ’emptiness’ badges

    Phuntsok Rabten (Thimphu)

    A vast endless sky – measure that
    emptiness – erase that

    Tosh (Thimphu)

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