Our Vision

Deer Park, Thimphu is a humble attempt to recreate the ethos and spirit of the first turning of the wheel of Dharma at Mirga Deva (Deer Park, Sarnath, India), where the Buddha first imparted his priceless wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings. We  offer space, time and energy for the curious and devoted alike in the hope that they can rekindle an interest in our profound and timeless contemplative disciplines and allow them to touch and awaken their innate wisdom and compassion. Deer Park encourages dialogue and exploration and is a place where literature, the arts and music are wedded with the traditions of reflection and contemplation in a seamless expression of our inner wealth.

In order to actualize these aspirations, we aim to act as a bridge between the traditional and  modern worlds. We reject neither, but instead apply age-old wisdoms to modern day experiences.  In this way, a young generation can learn to mindfully and confidentially embrace the opportunities of the times without being washed away by consumerism and modern life. Instead, they can use each step as an inner journey to the deepest recess of the core of life, and so uncover the essence of our traditional and cultural values.