Catching up

Catching up

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  • Catching up
  • Cold
  • Away
  • But how slow?
  • Take a look at an Engine
  • “Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought” – T.S Elliot
  • Waiting for the bus
  • Spring
  • Inhabitated
  • Opportunity
  • Coming home
  • Colors of wisdom
  • By myself
  • Loneliness
  • Red Cloth
  • Come Sit On My Wall
  • A Tree’s Orchestra
  • On happy days
  • The Abandoned
  • Boatmen in Varanasi
  • 58
  • Prayer flag in the river with leaves
  • Being different
  • There you are

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    Shadowed BicyclerBeing in someone's shoeInterruptedIn betweenIn the midst of illusion and impermanenceLonelinessMoving towards the lightThe lonely journeyQuiet... this dusty roadAwayThe final moveDashoCome Sit On My WallWhen it rains, don't mind being lonelyLooking back

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